OÜ Koduõendus

Nadežda Leontjeva

Nadja graduated from school in Ukraine. She acquired the nurse’s profession at the Kohtla-Järve Medical School and has worked for the greater part of her life as a surgery nurse. She is married and has two grown-up children: a daughter who has already graduated from an institution of higher education and a son who is an art student. Nadia’s husband works as a car mechanic; they are fine grandparents to their lovely granddaughter. In Nadia’s opinion, the most important thing in life is that everybody should have a job, be healthy and capable of keeping their health. Her favourite traits of personality are kindness, complaisance and caring attitude. Outside work, Nadia enjoys spending time at home and doing housework, but likes a good theatrical performance every once in a while, preferring the drama genre.